Southern Ute E.P.D. Air Quality Measurements

Ignacio, Colorado Particulate Matter Monitoring

The Ignacio, Colorado Particulate Matter Monitoring project uses low-cost sensor technology from PurpleAir. These sensors are in wide-spread use in the United States because of their low-cost, ease of use and relatively good data accuracy. However, due to the variability in data quality inherent to low-cost air quality sensor technology, the AQP does not guarantee the accuracy of data collected using the PurpleAir particulate matter sensors. The AQP collects this data to aid the public in making decisions to help protect themselves from the potential health-risks associated with particulate matter from regional fire smoke and dust storm events, through data generated EPA Air Quality Index health risk forecasts. For more accurate regional particulate matter readings please reference data from the Bondad air monitoring station on this web-page, which is collected using an EPA Federal Reference Method certified instrument.

LRAPA: Courtesy of the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency, conversion factors from their study of the PA sensors. Visit their web site.